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Owning a Farmers agency gives you the opportunity to create a legacy and achieve a lifestyle you dream of.

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Owning a Farmers Insurance Agency

Achieve the lifestyle you dream of—professionally and personally. We have industry professionals who are also entrepreneurs that can serve as a business coach to help you grow your business and achieve your dreams. Additionally, Farmers® offers you the opportunity to create a legacy and build generational wealthy by passing down your agency to family.

Build or buy an agency

First, you have the opportunity to buy an existing agency or build your own. You’ll have an experienced professional who can help you through the process. And have access to support from our award-winning University of Farmers® training program.

Do you have strong leadership skills and personal ambition? Then you may have what it takes to GROW WITH FARMERS℠.

Hear from agency owner Julie Haidao, who is a mother of two, came from the mortgage industry and built her business to become an award-winning agency.

To learn more about the build or buy option and qualifications to become an agency owner, talk to a business coach.

Be your own boss

Farmers® believes that one of the greatest powers in this world is the freedom to manage your own success. As a Farmers agency owner, you’ll experience this freedom right from the start.

You’ll have multiple ways to maximize your personal income, including residual income and quarterly bonus opportunities. Not to mention your hard work could qualify you for a variety of rewards and bonuses, including destination trips for Farmers Achievement Clubs.

Freedom to manage can be the key to unlocking your skills and helping you GROW WITH FARMERS℠.

Build a legacy

Build wealth beyond yourself. Our unique program gives you the opportunity to impact future generations financially by passing down your agency to family or loved ones.

When you GROW WITH FARMERS℠ that can include the people that mean the most to you.

To learn more about building a legacy, talk to a District Manager or Recruiter.

Business Coaching

Great business relationships start with support. Farmers® gives you access to district managers who are themselves business owners and would act as your business coach. In addition, we have knowledgeable professionals in our six expansion states (New York, Georgia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland) who can help you grow your agency.

No matter where you decide to open your agency within our operating territory, you will have a team to help support your business and the backing of a strong and respected brand.

Hear from District Manager Heather Verity, who has coached entrepreneurs in several industries.

Find a District Manager or Recruiter today to get started.

Award-winning training

Benefit right from the start with our University of Farmers® training program has received numerous awards and been called one of the best training programs in the world.

Great business relationships are built on support. We work hard to help you GROW WITH FARMERS℠.

Ask a District Manager or Recruiter about our award-winning training program.

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