Discover a Smarter Startup Opportunity

Join other savvy entrepreneurs who are becoming Farmers agency owners.

What It Means To Be A Farmers® Agency Owner

There are business opportunities, and then there are Farmers business opportunities. If you’re an entrepreneur minded individual looking to build your first business and invest in yourself, becoming a Farmers agency owner is one of the most exciting startup investments you can make.

With over 90 years of experience and best in-class training, Farmers has the knowledge to help you start up an independent business you can proudly call your own.

As a Farmers agency owner, you will enjoy

Limitless income potential with monthly and annual reward and bonus opportunities, including travel incentives for our top talent.

The ability to be your own boss and run a business.

Professional coaching that can help you grow your business.

Support from our award-winning University of Farmers®.

Building a legacy asset that can be carried over to your family or sold to a future entrepreneur.

Making an impact in your community, helping service the needs of friends, neighbors and associates.

Where does your journey begin?

Farmers is one of the few insurance companies to allow entrepreneurs to either build or buy an agency.

Build your agency
If you’re a businessperson with a little capital and a lot of initiative, building a Farmers startup may be just the ticket for you. Farmers can help you get on the right path by providing you with a professional coach who can mentor you as you build a business plan for success. You’ll also be provided with training and access to resources to help you pave the way. Motivated agency owners can enjoy lucrative bonus opportunities as you work to build your business.
Click here to find a Farmers representative who can help as you build your startup.
Buy your agency
If you have capital to invest and are looking for a unique kind of business opportunity with access to a Fortune 500 brand, purchasing an established Farmers agency may be what you’re looking for. By applying your business savvy to an already established agency, you have the opportunity to swiftly capitalize on your investment and transform your new business into a remarkable asset.
To find a Farmers representative who can help you buy your new business, click here.