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What it means to be a Farmers® district manager

There are business opportunities, and then there are Farmers business opportunities. If you’re an entrepreneurial-minded individual, becoming a Farmers district manager is one of the most exciting business endeavors you can take.

With over 90 years of experience, the Farmers organization has the knowledge to help you start up an independent business you can proudly call your own.

As a district manager, you can build your business by helping other entrepreneurs build theirs
As a Farmers® district manager, you will enjoy

Growth OpportunitiesLimitless income potential with bonus opportunities, including travel incentives for our top talent.

IndependenceThe ability to be your own boss and run a business.

One on One AttentionProfessional coaching that can help you grow your business.

CommunityMaking an impact in your community, helping support the needs of friends, neighbors and associates.